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Scam Broker Review

OpoForex Review 2023: Can you trust this forex broker?

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Table of Contents

    3.Check financial regulation of OpoForex broker

    So the main question: is OpoForex a scammer or legitimate?

    As mentioned, Saint Vincent don’t have a financial regulator. That’s why a lot of newly established brokers are choosing this particular offshore country.

    After a thorough check of the FSA register, we haven’t find OpoForex broker or OPOFOREX LLC anywhere.
    Of course, other financial registers have the same result – OpoForex doesn’t exist.
    Beware of offshore scams and do not invest your money with such.

    Have you been scammed by OpoForex?

    There is a chance that you have been a victim of fraud by OpoForex or any other illegal broker. Yes, it happens and it’s not the end. There is always a solution! You need to file a dispute and request a refund.

    A chargeback is a way for your bank to reverse the transaction if you can prove that you were a victim of online fraud. Since OpoForex is offshore, this process requires knowledge of international processors and international banks. To get help in this matter, contact the professionals – here is the link.

    FAQ Section

    • What is OpoForex, and Should I Invest Money in it?

      It is an offshore trading brokerage that is not worth your time or money since it has no regulations.

    • Is OpoForex regulated and licensed?

      Broker is not regulated by any government authority body and has no trading license to provide financial services.

    • Are My Funds Safe with OpoForex?

      Since the broker has no proper regulations, your funds are in danger. Don’t fall for this fraudulent broker!

    • What is the OpoForex minimum deposit?

      The minimum deposit is $100 and can be made via cryptocurrency transfer, wire transfer, or a credit card.